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Purchase method of natural veneer

Purchase method of natural veneer

Dec 27,2011
  In the purchase of natural veneer, you should note the following six items:
  1, engineered veneer carefully check the veneer of the light transmission properties, generally speaking the better the light transmission properties of the veneer, the worse the quality.
  2, look carefully for any signs of obvious damage and veneer scratches or cuts, attention was damaged with scratches or cuts of veneer, are generally defective or substandard products.
  3, carefully review the veneer of lines and color, clear lines, natural hole, color glossy veneer veneer is generally preferred.
  4, Dyed veneer due to natural veneer complex process of dyeing technology and related process equipment and site management are higher, so the quality of the study of natural veneer, not only the product from the market model as a reference to the relevant manufacturers have the opportunity to deeper understanding of the and consulting, to ensure product quality assured supply to achieve the effect of long-term stability.
  5, pay attention to the production cycle, inspection and service capabilities, usually in terms of natural veneer production cycle in a month or more, while the strength of the manufacturers may have co-ordinated plan efficient production and service capabilities, can be a mature product and production cycle to between 15 days to 20 days, while the delivery period can be controlled to 3-10 days, providing you with a strong service guarantee.
  6, pay attention to manufacturer's size and strength, the current relatively tight timber resources, and natural veneer of the main timber poplar, sycamore, basswood, natural veneer manufacturers need to have the appropriate capabilities to ensure smooth on the raw materials to ensure product stability of supply.
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