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Deqing Link Founded in 2006.The team is found by full experienced wood industry veteran,middle-aged and young elite team with 10-30 years.Mr. Linconm Sun , the chairman of the company, has been engaged in the wood industry for nearly 30 years since 1993. He has served in the important management positions in large listed companies and private groups such as Jiang su Zongyi group.,Zhejiang Tubaobao Group, Guangdong Loyal Woods.In 2020, Mr. Linconm established a new company The Great Forest by a group of dream seeker at same frequency and different ages. Deqing Link sublimate the product structure, and enrich the veneer products scope which including natural veneer, edge-joint veneer, finger joint veneer, and fire proof veneer. Meanwhile, Deqing Link aiming at the huge demanding for new decorative materials in China and the global market, introduce LSB (OSB overlay-able directly) new base material products and the veneer materials, PP/PET film materials, combined with the industry's top technical factory and develop EB electron beam curing technology together in the application of veneer decoration panels . Deqing Link has achieved significant results in the century’s problem of daylight fading of EV veneer and dyed veneer has been solved completely one time .Deqing Link (is) loyal to nature, loyal to wood industry, loyal to cooperation, loyal to consumption! Welcome global wood industry partners and friends to work together for win-win future.Thank you !      


Our Veneer products

Engineered veneer

Engineered Veneer

Comes from Natural,But beyond natural.Utilizing the principle of Bionics,it is simulated as some special nature woods from a common timber by modified physicochemical technology,which keeps the nature attributes of natural timber and eliminates some inevitable defects,such as burls,worms,and color difference ect.In addition,unique wood grain and color can be designed according to personal needs to realize the performance improvement and value rebuilding of the common fast-growing raw material.

Natural Veneer

Natural Veneer

The materials of the products are from high quality natural woods felled in America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Far East. Depending on the material selection by world class experts, integrating the prime of raw-woods, replaying on the world class equipment and production technology, fully making use of the natural quality of the raw-woods, and with international quality management standard as the processing standard, the high quality natural wood veneer products are manufactured. products have been holding the tenet of nature, green and environment protection in each aspect as well as the principle of “nature is beauty”, to satisfy people’s requirements on housing and decoration.

Fancy Panels

Fancy Panels

which is rotary cut from the log to the veneer, and then glued the adjacent veneer according to the fiber direction vertically by the environmentally friendly adhesive. In that way, not only improve the utilization of the timber, but also save it. The plywood can be widely used in the plane, ship, train, building, furniture, precision equipment and packing, etc .

Finger jointed veneer / Edge banding veneer



Finger joined veneer can use for furniture and door and table and profile 

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Engineered wood Veneer

Natural wood veneer




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