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Production of bamboo veneer and maintenance methods

Production of bamboo veneer and maintenance methods

Dec 26,2011
  Bamboo veneer is an eco-friendly way to get to see you on the bamboo cabinets, furniture, walls or any other application, which can be used for indoor wood veneer. Bamboo plywood finished maple veneer similar completed. Will accept a hard, horizontal or vertical surface stains, but no staining or finishing products do not pool and cause splotching be used with caution. Avoid saturation, will ensure that you properly complete your bamboo plywood.
  Dyed veneer not change color
  1 Remove the bamboo plywood installed in fine-grain sandpaper lightly polished 220 surface defects.
  2 will run on plywood surface of the adhesive cloth sanding dust.
  3 Application of paint with a flat pad, inhibit the absorption of stains, open the pores of the wood veneer thin coat of air-conditioning.
  4 allows the conditioner to penetrate the bamboo plywood five minutes, then dry with a clean cloth to remove excess. Wait 30 minutes, and air conditioning to dry.
  5 complete mixing container of a clear polyurethane in the sheen of your choice, complete with a paint stirrer.
  6 Application of polyurethane thin, with a natural bristle brush of the same layer, following the grain. Allowed to complete the dry-six hours.
  7 lightly sand the surface again with the additional 220 tables and remove sanding dust with a fine grain sandpaper tack cloth.
  8 Engineered veneer and apply for additional re-mixing polyurethane polyurethane jacket with natural bristle brush. Let the surface dry an additional 6 hours or overnight.
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