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Ningbo TB Factory

Ningbo TB Factory

Issue Time:2011-12-29

         Ningbo TB is a new factory which major engineered veneer and bamboo veneer in Yuyao, Ningbo of China, There are more beautiful pictures took from it as following:

The night scene of TUBA factory 1.

The night scene of TUBA factory2.



TUBA factory's entrance door in day!

Look TUBA'S entrance door from left side:)

Look TUBA'S entrance door from right side:)

The Ayous logs arrived at factory!


Ayous logs are unloading!


Ayous logs are unloading!

TUBA'S service car。

Now is lunch time for workers,let's visit the work shop:)


Rotary processing!

Raw Ayous veneer grading processing。

The veneer loading into cage.

The cage putting into the vat to prepare bleeching.


The cage putting into the vat to prepare bleeching.

Veneer Dying.

Veneer drying.

Veneer reparing.

Glue Mixing Machine.

Cold pressure machine.

Slicing Machine.

Knife sharpener.

Saw Machine.

Above processings always  guarantee TB veneer's quality better.and we are   implementing Q.C according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and ISO18000.

We guarantee that we must supply the best quality veneer to our cooperator everywhere anytime.

You are always welcome to visit us and give us your kindly suggestion:)

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